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Swan Boat House Rentals

Photo: New York Times, July 2015

Walk or cycle everywhere from this ideally-located 2-BR ground floor unit in a waterfront house in Ocean Grove. Overlooks Wesley Lake and Asbury Park. A stone’s throw from the world-famous beaches and attractions of Ocean Grove & Asbury Park. Excellent transportation options into NYC and Philly.

At a Glance...


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train directions_boat directions_car Readily accessible by car, boat, or public transportation from New York City, or by car from Philly.
hotel hotel hotel Two bedrooms; two queen beds.

The town has tightened up its regulations. The unit used to sleep up to six people, but fold-out couches can no longer substitute as beds and one of the bedrooms is just under 100 sq. ft. so only one person can "legally" sleep in that bedroom. The unit as a whole is therefore officially rated for max three people.

weekend local_drink restaurant_menu Plenty of space for social distancing: couches, chairs, tables, outdoor furniture...
event_seat local_library local_florist Plenty of space for relaxing (or working): read, browse the web, plant something in the garden...
local_laundry_service Dishwasher.
group Washer and dryer in the cellar.
ac_unit Air-conditioned.
vpn_key Separate entrances in a two-family house.
beach_access wb_sunny brightness_7 Outdoor charcoal grill and outdoor table that seats three or four socially distanced people — normally  up to 8 very good friends!
directions_walk directions_bike pool The best location. Ideal area for walking or cycling. All the attractions in Ocean Grove and Asbury are just steps away.
smoke_free Smoke free inside...

but there's an ashtry outside.


Welcome to 60 Lake!
Some common sense house rules...

1.  The apartment is the ground-floor unit of a two-family house.
2.  It is quite large, with two bedrooms, two queen beds.
3.  This is a relatively quiet neighborhood—so night-time noise should be minimized. It is not a suitable environment for "events." But you wouldn't be doing that anyway in the present circumstances.
4.  There is a comfortable front porch and a yard with superb views. There's a charcoal grill and an outdoor dining table.
5.  The unit is not fancy or luxurious; it is a shore rental in a casual property.
Here's the scoop:
child_friendly The apartment is not set up for children. A large oil painting from Kenya hangs in the living room and seems to be irresistable to children with pencils!
pets The apartment is not set up for pets. A cute and friendly sled dog—Pukka—lives upstairs. You can certainly meet him if you like animals, but we don't want to take any chances with visiting pets.
music_note This is a pretty quiet neighborhood, especially at night. Loud noise and rowdy behavior are not permitted. Nor are drugs or excessive drinking. We are looking for people that have come to relax, maintain social distance, and enjoy the area.
room_service It's your vacation. We can give you an entry code and leave it at that, if that's what you prefer. But we're happy to make occasional suggesions about things to do or places to go while practicing responsible care and distancing.
report The unit is not fancy or luxurious. It is an extremely well-located shore rental intended to be a fun, relaxing, interesting place to stay.





What's Nearby

We couldn't have a better location! You can walk or bike safely and responsibly. Ther are more than 50 restaurants and a similar number of bars and clubs, some of which are already offering opportunities to eat or drink safely.

See the map below

Here are some of the attractions that are just steps away:

  The Ocean Grove village center (shops and restaurants centered around Main Avenue)
  The Great Auditorium and OG Tents
  The Ocean Grove beach and boardwalk, and the Ocean Pathway field where many events are held
  Cookman Ave in Asbury Park: Restaurants, clubs, shopping and more
  Moonstruck and the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten are just across the lake; Taka is just a few steps further
  The Swan Boats are practically in the front yard!
  Walk to the Asbury "Entertainment" area: Paradise, Porta, Watermark, and all the boardwalk shops and eateries
  You can actually see (and walk to) the building Pascal & Sabine is in!
  Walk to the Stone Pony!
  The Asbury Park Beaches and Convention Hall
  Drive, cycle, Uber, taxi or trek to Tides, La Tapatia, the Jersey Shore Arts Center, Georgies and more
  Stroll over to the Starving Artist or DJ's for breakfast or lunch; or line up at Day's for an ice cream
  Point Pleasant 30 min, Seaside Heights 1 hr, Atlantic City 1 hr 30 min, Cape May 2 h.

Getting to Ocean Grove and Asbury

Ocean Grove and Asbury Park are 45 miles to the south of Wall Street as the crow flies—but a 60 mile drive. Philadelphia is an 1½ hours away. There are also limo services, some of which we can recommend.

The nearest major airport is Newark International (EWR; 45 minutes north of Ocean Grove). Monmouth Jet Center caters to executive jets and is 8.8 miles away. We can recommend airport limo services or you can use Uber, a taxi, or the Newark Airport stop on the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast rail line.

The NY ferry stops at Pier 11 at the foot of Wall Street and at Pier 35 up near the UN in Manhattan. It is by far the nicest way to travel from Manhattan to Ocean Grove. You need to make arrangements to be met by car where the boat arrives in NJ (at Highlands, which is the closest stop to Ocean Grove, or else at Atlantic Highlands, which is a little bit further away).

It’s about a 35 minute drive back from the boat into Ocean Grove although it can take a bit longer due to traffic during peak times in the summer. The boats cost $27 one-way ($46 round trip) but it is worth it as the trip is scenic (for example you pass right by the Statue of Liberty), the seats are comfortable, and you can sit indoors or up outside on top. You can bring your dog and/or bicycle. But you need a ride to/from the boat. The boats are modern and safe and the trip takes about 45 minutes. The boat schedule is available at Seastreak

Take a train on the North Jersey Coast Line (NJ Transit) headed for Bayhead from NY Penn Station (not to be confused with Newark Penn Station). You usually have to change trains at Long Branch—but that means walking to the other side of the platform; the train from Long Branch to Asbury should be waiting for you. The train schedule is available on the NJ transit website

Some trains terminate in Long Branch (during the day it’s usually every other one). You can get a taxi at the Long Branch station to complete the journey if needed. A taxi ride like that might cost around $15 or $20 for the 20-25 minute drive.

The Academy bus line leaves from the Port Authority building in NYC and comes to Ocean Grove (within 4½ short blocks of the house) or Asbury. It stops at the corner of Pilgrim Pathway and Main Avenue near the Post Office; in Asbury it stops at the Transportation Center. The schedule is available at Academy's website. If Ocean Grove is not listed at the time you want, then look for Asbury Park. The bus is comfortable and reliable. Expect traffic delays at the Lincoln Tunnel during rush hour coming into or out of NYC.

At certain times in the summer it can be very difficult to park in the Grove or in Asbury. Almost everything is within a short walk or bike ride from the house; bikes can be rented at the Ocean Grove Hardware Store on Main Avenue just a few blocks away. Brielle Cyclery on the boardwalk in Asbury park rents bikes and "Surrey Bikes" for 2, 4, or 6 people. The dockless bike sharaing service Zagster has public racks very close by. Taxis and Uber are also available.

Local Area Map    *** More than 50 restaurants as well as numerous bars, clubs, and shops within easy walking distance ***

Area Map
Download the map






Before You Come
and After You're Here

Come by ferry from Manhattan, come by train, bus, or car from alomst anywhere and we can smooth your arrival. Arrange to be met by "Artist's Limo" if you fly or take the ferry. Place your grocery order with Fresh Direct (or PeaPod or Blue Apron) before you arrive and we will arrange to accept your delivery and put everything away for you.

free WiFi.
full kitchen—dining tables in the kitchen, living room, and front yard.
kitchen stainless steel appliances, gas stove.
air conditioning and a porch that often has a cool breeze.
two bedrooms—queen beds.
plenty of closet space in the bedrooms.
weekend hardwood floors and plenty of seating
excellent transportation.
Lush (wine, craft beer and unique spirits), the Asbury Park Distilling Co. and two micro-breweries are nearby.
Fresh Direct, Blue Apron, and Pea Pod deliver; Wegman's and Stop & Shop supermarkets are nearby.
More than fifty restaurants (some with deliveries) are within easy walking or biking distance.
The Apartment


The Apartment

The Apartment and the Neighborhood

Floor Plan

Lake Views from All Rooms


Rates for May 25 through September 3

(Holiday weekends—separate pricing)

Non-Holiday Rates (Two Night Minimum)

  1. Friday, Saturday, Sunday: $1,100
  2. Friday and Saturday: $900
  3. Monday through Thursday: $300 per night
  4. Weekly Rate: $2,200
  5. Monthly Rate: $8,500
  6. Special Fall and Winter Packages

Holiday Weekend Rates (4 days)

  • Friday through Monday: $2,500
  • Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend

A cleaning fee and a refundable security deposit are required. Amounts depend on legth of stay.

While we regret that the apartment is not set up to receive children or animals, we welcome all adults regardless of age, race, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, ethnicity, marital status, medical condition including pregnancy, physical disability, social identity, or gender/sexual identity. The entrances to the apartment are four or five steps up from the ground.

Photos of the Apartment and Neighborhood

Use the right and left arrows to see the photos

View from the Front Porch
Front with Fountain
The Front of the House
Slide 3
The Front Yard
Slide 4
Seen from the Lake
Slide 5
The Living Room
Slide 6
Another View
Slide 7
The Living Room Couches
Slide 8
The Kitchen
Slide 9
The Kitchen Table
Slide 10a
The Smaller Bedroom (Queen Bed on Request)
Slide 10b
The Larger Bedroom
Slide 11
The Bathroom
Slide 12
View from the Front Yard at Night
Slide 13
The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove
Slide 14
The Famous Ocean Grove Tents
Slide 15
Houses along Ocean Pathway
Slide 16
The Auditorium (from the Second Floor)
Slide 17
Bikes for Rent at OG Hardware
Slide 18
In the Park by the Auditorium
Slide 19
The Carousel Building and Old Power Plant
Slide 20
The Flamingo Leaving for a Swim in the Lake
Slide 21
A Farmers' Market Right Across the Lake
Slide 22
A Weekend Morning on Cookman Avenue
Slide 23
A Popular Spot for Brunch
Slide 24
A Meal at Talulla's
Slide 25
Moonstruck and the Biergarten
Slide 25
Café Society
Slide 25
AP Distilling—local craft spirits
Slide 25
The OG Beach in Winter




Contact and off-season possibilities

If a realtor sent you to this site, please tell us. Your price will be the same, but the realtor will get their proper commission for their work.

Ocean Grove is fantastic in the fall, and in the winter it can be quietly beautiful and friendly in a way that small villages all over the world can be. Of course, Asbury Park is still going strong during these seasons, so there's always plenty to do!


More Info


More Info

Pukka, who lives in the upstairs unit, as a puppy in 2009.

More Information

phone_iphone Leave a message at +1.732.988.8428
email Send a message to info@swanboathouse.com